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Such a Great Series. Asuka is my favorite Character. Never really understood Rei.

 Asuka and Rei (Ep.9)

 Asuka Pan cel

 Asuka (Ep.9)



 Unit 1 eating the Angel

 Unit 2 (Ep.8)

 Unit 2 (Ep.8)

 Asuka and Shinji (Ep.9)

 Asuka and Shinji (Ep.9)

 Asuka & Misato (Ep.12)

 Asuka and Hikari

 Rei in Cockpit (Ep.5 & Ep.23)

 Unit 1 Close up (OP, Ep.2)

 Unit 0 Close up

 Asuka in Cockpit

 Asuka Crying (Ep.25 & Ep.22 DC)

 Asuka Crying (Ep.25 & Ep.22 DC)


 Toji Suzuhara

 Evangelion Store Display Promo Cel

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