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This show is my 2nd favorite show (Favorite to collect though). Funny, well writen, with unique characters, all you can ask for in a lighter Show.

 Family (Ep.22)


 Yukino (Ep.4) Matching Background

 Aya (Ep. 22) Matching Background

 Tusbasa (Ep.11)


 Yukino (Ep.2)

 Arima (Ep.10)


 Sakura and Yukino (Ep.12)



 Tsubasa (Ep.12)

 Yukino (Ep.3)

 Yukino and Maho (Ep. 10)

 Yukino and Maho (Ep.10)

 Yukino (Ep.10)


 Yukino (Ep.6)

 Tsubasa Pan (Ep.11)


 Yukino (Ep.7)

 Tsubasa's Father (Ep.13)

 Yukino (Ep.2)
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