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Thought i would add these Genga, haven't seen any other Ichigo Marshimaro stuff on RS. I thought it was an funny show. Miu is funny, it would be nice if we could all turn off our self edit feature like her.

 Ichigo Marshimaro DVD cover Hanken

 Ichigo Marshimaro DVD cover Hanken

 Barasui Original Sketch

 Matsuri Rilezu (OP)

 Chika Rilezu (OP)

 Miu Rilezu (Ep.1)

 Ana Rilezu (Ep.2)

 Nobue Rilezu (Ep.1)

 Ana Yawn

 Doctor and Nurses

 Alternate Outfits

 Doctor and Nurse

 Doctor Miu!


 Doctor Miu!


 Waitress Nobue


 Miu and Matsuri

 Miu and Matsuri



 Miu has to go

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